Media Social is a Facebook App that provides a broadcast social TV Channel through the internet.

Media Social is more than just the most customizable, robust, SOCIAL broadcasting platform ever created, its the final answer to online engagement around the world, on the go, at any time.

If your audience is awake, with an internet access- they’re connected.

Once an organization has gone Media Social, they have their very own fully branded and customized Facebook broadcast channel, with synchronized interaction across any device, or locations, in real-time.

Once passive content instantly evolves into highly interactive, sharable, experiences that are broadcasted across any social network.

Media Social provides a simple to use, cloud-powered, stable, professional, customizable technology for any organization—big or small with the broadcast power of a traditional multi-million dollar broadcast network. Whether its viewed by hundreds, thousands or millions, your broadcast will never be compromised or crash.
What sets us apart? No one else has:

  • Interactive Live Walls that integrate Facebook updates, Twitter mentions, and private wall posts that can all be moderated a single “host” who can track in-depth information from a viewer’s Facebook account.
  • Turn-key flexible media distribution of pre-recorded content with it’s cloud based HTML5  video player optimized for desktops and mobile devices, or your own third-party service.
  • Engaging Host Tools to manage experiences with the help of a beautiful dashboard. A host is able to receive quick insights into a new user in real-time powered by Facebook. Who they know, what they like, and when they view, help you tailor online engagement faster, better, and more effectively.
  • REAL Facebook Venues on your Facebook Page as a tab that broadcasts to a massive Facebook audience –embedded directly where your audience is aggregating, allowing more reach and deeper connections despite being on a phone or at a computer.

Online broadcasting isn’t just a fad- sign up for your free 30-day trial to find out the power of Media Social.