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Q.Why should I use Media Social?
A.With Media Social you can create your own broadcast channel. Media Social is a simple and customizable way to connect your media to communities around the world while building an online community.
Q.What do I need to do in order to view an online event?
A.The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is all you need to participate in a Media Social experience.
Q.Do I need to have a Facebook account in order to watch or interact with the online event?
A.You do not need a Facebook account to watch the event. However, you do need a Facebook account to post on the wall.
Q.I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still view the wall?
A.Yes, you can view people’s comments. However, in order to interact or post your own comment, you must have a Facebook account.
Q.My Facebook password isn’t working or I have forgotten my Facebook password. How can I retrieve it?
A.We do not handle technical issues with Facebook accounts. Please go to to retrieve your password.
Q.How much does Media Social cost?
A.To use Media Social, there is a monthly subscription fee of only $249. This fee cover 50GB of bandwidth and basic updates to the platform. You will be charged $0.40 per GB for any additional bandwidth used beyond the 50GB provided within a one-month period of time.
Q.I’m trying to directly chat with someone but nothing happens when I click on the chat button next to their name.
A.All pop up blockers must be disabled to ensure successful use of chat within Media Social and the chat window can’t be hidden behind any other windows.
Q.I don’t see a video screen…why?
A.You must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view the event.
Q.I have the latest Flash Player installed on my browser and the video is still not coming up. What’s going on?
A.If you recently installed the latest Flash Player, please restart your browser by quitting the browser application and re-launching it. It may take a moment for the stream to connect based on your internet connection. Hang with us!
Q.Can I invite my friends to the live feed?
A.That is one of our favorite perks of Media Social. Simply use the Twitter, Facebook, or Email icons and tell your friends to join the experience!
Q.Who should I contact to inquire about more information?
A.Fill out our inquiry form and someone from our team will respond to you shortly.
Q.Should I test my video before scheduling an event?
A.Yes, you should always test your video before scheduling an event. This will help quality assure your content and save your first impression with your clientele.
Q.How do I promote a Viewer to a Host?
A.To promote a viewer to a host both the viewer and channel owner must be logged into Facebook. Both parties then need to navigate to the Media Social channel. The channel owner will then see a list of viewers under the Facebook viewers tab located on the right. The channel owner will select the viewer they wish to promote and check the “Host” checkbox. The viewer has now become a host with added account access to the dashboard.
Q.In what format should I upload my video content?
A.We accept a variety of formats for upload, though we advise uploading in H.264/AAC format. Your video will be automatically reencoded after upload for compatible streaming on multiple devices and desktop PCs. Further, if you are primarily targeting 360p, we suggest uploading source material in 360p or 480p (for downsample during reencoding). Similarly, if you are primarily targeting 240p, we suggest uploading your material in 240p or 360p.

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